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I was born in Rivera in 1956 and in 1976 I started teaching at the elementary school where I worked for 20 years. After two years of volunteering (one in Calcutta and one in Rwanda), coming back to Ticino obtained the qualification to teach nutrition education in middle school. Weaving has always interested me a lot and after several courses for adults in Ticino and several weeks of internships in German part and French part of Switzerland and Milano, in September 2000 I started a new professional training at the CSIA of Lugano in the hand weavers section, finishing my studies in 2003.

After an internship in the Hulsflidslag Vevstova center in Voss and in the Spindelvev atelier in Arna in Norway, in 2004 I started working as a weaver by opening an atelier in Rivera, first in a rented room and now at my home. I was also lucky enough to follow a week-long course in Sardinia with the fine linen and Bisso teacher Chiara Vigo, who I have regularly met since 2007 for work but above all for a great and beautiful friendship.

In September 2014 I retired from school. In general I run various fabrics on order and offer personalized courses for all those who want to approach the world of weaving. I also collaborated with some elementary schools in the region for school projects and several classes visited my atelier.

Giovanni Filippini

About me:

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